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Awesome photos! Yes, your candid ones are incredible! So glad that they let you take some.

Laura Young

Except for the part that they actually didn't so I had to be sneaky. I thought, well, if they are going to be super mad at me, so be it, but I'm an artist, dang it and I cannot be held back! (OR something like that...)


"And for some reason, I always seem to have the strongest bonds with the most crotchety old men."

I have something to look forward to!!!

Maureen Gregory

Laura, you are a dream and it was such a joy to have you photograph this once in a lifetime event for my father-in-law. Thank you for taking the leap and jumping in with both feet. We couldn't be more thrilled with the photos.

Laura Young

Peter, what's this 'looking forward to' you speak of? Oh, the old part...that. Fair enough.

Maureen, thank you! And I hear we might have our paths cross again someday courtesy of a golden haired lass who lives with you. I'd be positively delighted to be of service if so! Give my very best to your family!


Me: "I'm not REALLY a crotchety old man, am I?"
My Dear Sweet Wife: "Well, on a scale of 1 to 10... oh, wait, you didn't really want an answer, did you?

Laura Young

She kids because she loves, P, she kids because she loves.

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